Courses for Jewish Studies

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W2628 History of the State of Israel, 1948-Present

W2630 American Jewish History

W3628 History of the State of Israel, 1948-Present

W3630 American Jewish History

Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

W1501 First Year Modern Hebrew: Elementary I

W1502 First Year Modern Hebrew: Elementary II

W1511 First Year Modern Hebrew: Elementary II

W2501 Second Year Modern Hebrew: Intermediate I

W2502 Second Year Hebrew: Intermediate II

W2516 Second Year Hebrew: Intensive Grammar Review

W3501 Third Year Modern Hebrew I

W3502 Third Year Modern Hebrew II

W4501 Readings in Hebrew Texts I

W4502 Fourth Year Hebrew: Readings II

Religion (Barnard)

V2306 Judaism

V2505 Judaism

V3271 Judaism, Jewishness, & Modernity

V3301 Hebrew Bible

V3308 Origins of Judaism

V3325 Introduction to Rabbinic Literature

V3395 Life After Death

V3495 Life After Death

V3501 Hebrew Bible

V3508 Origins of Judaism

V3520 Introduction to Classical Rabbinic Literature

V3525 Introduction to Rabbinic Literature

V3530 Jewish Ethics

V3544 Jewish Family law

V3555 Development of the Jewish Holidays

V3560 Jewish Liturgy

V3561 Classics fo Judaism: Ethics of the Fathers

V3570 Women and Judaism: Folklore or Religion?

V3571 Judaism, Jewishness, & Modernity

BC3810 Literary Approaches to the Bible

W4160 Gnosis

W4360 Gnosis

W4501 Psalms Through the Commentary of the Baal Shem Tov

W4502 Jewish Rites of Passage

W4505 The Beginnings of Jewish Mysticism

W4506 Jewish Martyrdom

W4510 The Thought of Maimonides

W4511 Jewish Ethics

W4734 Religious Concepts: Conversion

W4810 Mysticism

W4811 Mystical and Dimensions of Islam and Judaism