Summer 2010

Summer 2010

Actress Zuzanna Szadkowski ’01, who plays “Dorota” on the popular TV series Gossip Girl, was mistress of ceremonies at the event honoring the recipients of the Frederick A.P. Barnard Award: Barnard outgoing board of trustees Chair and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Anna Quindlen ’74, and recently retired New York state Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye ’58, who was the first woman to hold the post.

“Anna, you have stepped in whenever and wherever to do anything for Barnard,” said Ellen Futter ’71, president of the American Museum of Natural history and former president of the College, in a citation read during the awards presentation. Quindlen has served five five-year terms as a member of the board. During her tenure, the Diana Center was completed and a presidential search committee tapped Debora Spar to be Barnard’s new president. Helene Finkelstein Kaplan ’53, former chair of the board of trustees, presented the award to Judge Kaye, saying: “even more remarkable than the historic place you held at the pinnacle of justice, was what you did from that place.” Among her myriad achievements was the overhaul of the state’s jury system.

Some auction items donated by Barnard’s dedicated faculty, staff, and alumnae, were lunches with some of Barnard’s distinguished graduates including Martha Stewart ’63, Fox News anchor Lis Wiehl ’83, NPR correspondent Susan

Levitt Stamberg ’59, author Erica Jong ’63, and Pennsylvania state senator Constance Hess Williams ’66. Thanks to auctioneer harmer Johnson’s expertise, bidding was brisk. A winning bidder paid $8,000 for a private tour of the AMNH guided by its President Ellen Futter ’71.

-photographs by Hilary Steffens, David Wentworth, and Chance Yeh/Patrick McMullan

Frances SadlerHello Ladies,

I hope this letter finds you well. I think I have recovered from the whirlwind of activities that was Barnard reunion 2010. The availability of The Diana Center for many events was a treasure. After a couple of years of “creating” spaces for reunion events because of construction, having the center and a scaffold-free campus really enhanced the reunion experience.

Some event formats such as the awards presentation were changed and worked well; the Alumnae Association’s close working relationship with the Office of Career Development was highlighted by the variety of career-oriented workshops on the program; and the buzz about the opening of the Athena Center for the Leadership Studies and the new course offerings open to all women was electric. Most importantly, i saw a tapestry of women—all ages, races, sizes, and shapes—laughing, hugging old friends, and talking a mile a minute about what’s been happening in their lives for the past five, 15, 25, or 50 years! None of this would have been possible without the careful planning of the Reunion Committee, the staff of alumnae affairs and a legion of students who made sure that everything happened according to plan.

President Spar announced at reunion that Dorothy Urman Denburg ’70, dean of the College, is moving into a new role. She is now Barnard’s vice president for college relations and will oversee Alumnae Affairs, Career Development, and Pre-College Programs. Although Dorothy’s undergraduate days and my own overlapped, we didn’t know each other then. However, like many other alumnae, we have gotten to know each other as more mature adults and find ourselves with so many common experiences, goals, and values that our mutual respect and friendship has continued to develop. In her various roles at the College, Dorothy has relationships with generations of Barnard women creating and supporting programs that have made the body of Barnard alumnae engaged and influential in their communities around the world. The AABC board of directors and alumnae affairs are looking forward to our new relationship with an old friend.

Some dedicated volunteers will meet over the summer to update the strategic plan, orient the new committee chairs, and plan for Leadership assembly (October 7-8). In preparation for the new academic year, there are two things I would like you to do: 1) contact alumnae affairs if you are ready to volunteer; 2) get in touch or stay in touch with a Barnard sister. The summer seems to go so quickly, so enjoy every minute.

As ever, Frances L. Sadler ’72

-photograph by Elena Seibert '78

Gabrielle Gutierrez ’05

Physics major currently working toward her PhD in neuroscience at Brandeis University... Focusing her research on neural networks, combining quantitative principles with empirical experimentation...Chosen to represent Barnard at the Women & Science Technology Seminar in 2006...Looks forward to becoming an advocate and communicator of science to the general public


Manmeet Kaur ’05

Double-majored in history and anthropology... With NYU Law School’s Brennan Center for Justice, investigated violations of “unregulated” jobs...awarded the Third Millennium Human Rights Fellowship...designed a small business development program for people living with HIV in South Africa...advising the Earth Institute on Human Resources for Health Strategy in the Millennium Villages...Pursuing a Columbia MBA


Nancy Linthicum ’05

MA/PhD candidate in Arabic literature and language in the Near Eastern studies department at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor...research interests include emerging arabophone Moroccan literature and the Arab literary publishing industry...Spent a year at the Center for Arabic Study abroad researching Egyptian literary publishing houses...Studying in Morocco summer 2010


Christy Thornton ’02

History PhD candidate at New York University... research focuses on the role of Latin American scholars and diplomats in international economic cooperation, especially the creation of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank...Former executive director of the nonprofit organization North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)...Master’s in international affairs from Columbia’s SIPA


Shaina Bressman Trapedo ’04

Mother of three, pursuing a PhD in English at the University of California, Irvine... Spent one summer at the Huntington Library researching the assimilation and appropriation of biblical exegesis into Renaissance drama...research interests focus on rhetoric, Early Modern studies, and religious studies with an emphasis on Judeo- Christian Biblical literature


-by Merri Rosenberg, photographs by Dorothy Hong

Barnard Trustee Emeritus Gedale Horowitz and distinguished Barnard alumna Barbara Silver Horowitz received CAA Alumni Medals at Commencement 2010. Their service to Barnard and to the University will be recognized at a gala dinner on October 16, 2010, at the annual Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) Assembly.

-photograph by Eileen Barroso




Barnard Alma Maters, part of the Alumnae Association, plan events and activities focused on the challenges and joys of balancing motherhood, work, and other aspects of women’s lives. Our exploration of motherhood in the lives of educated women brings Barnard alumnae together to share their collective experience and enjoy the rich offerings of New York and the Barnard alumnae community.
Look for announcements of our upcoming events on and the Barnard alumnae Facebook page. To receive event announcements, join the Alma Maters group at alum. or contact Alumnae Affairs (212.854.2005 or Don’t live in the New York City area? There are Alma Maters groups affiliated with regional clubs across the country. Contact Alumnae Affairs for more information.


Reunion 2010 meet and greetreunion flower face paintreunion 2010 cubreunion 2010 mom and daughter  reunion 2010 family

In the photos (read from left): 1 The family brunch at reunion was a great place to make new friends, and even set up future play dates. All alumnae and guests are invited every year! 2 Emma Drennan, daughter of Kristie Kleiner ’00, had her face adorned with spring flowers. 3 Leo Clark is a proud “Barnard cub.” 4 Penelope Wu, daughter of Mew Chiu ’95, clapped along with the band. 5 Alicia Hall Moran ’95 and Jason Moran had a great time with sons Jonas and Malcolm. Photographs by Grace Glenny ’04

Barnard Magazine Spring 2010 coverTimeless Friendships

On a perennial effort to tidy up my office space, I came across the Fall 2004 issue of Barnard. On the front cover I’d scrawled “see article on Barnard friends.” Curious, I looked. Sure enough, there was an article by Amy Richards ’92, “Here’s to our other Half, The Joys of Having Women Friends,” so I turned the pages. Why had it meant something special to me?

The answer was forthcoming on page 65 when I, Class of 1932, was quoted as saying, “For Barnard women, age is no barrier. Our common interests and mutual affection far outweigh any differences that may exist.” I go on to describe how joining the Barnard Club in Los Angeles in 1960 had made a difference in my life that I could never have imagined. Seven of my sister alumnae, all graduates of different classes, celebrated my 90th birthday with a luncheon in March of 2004. Joemy Wilson ’67, once a club president, made a donation to Barnard in my honor on that occasion. I was deeply touched.

The birthday luncheons have continued to this year when I turned 96. Even more important, the friendships remain very much alive. And Joemy continues her annual donation to Barnard. I know how fortunate I am to have this remarkable group of women in my life, but I feel sure that in many parts of this country there must be other Barnard women who have found that college friendships can begin long after leaving 116th Street, and can continue to enrich their days, as they have mine.

—Ethel Greenfield booth ’32

Los Angeles, Calif.

Returning reader

I am not a writer of letters to the editor, but I am breaking a lifetime habit in order to congratulate you on the change in the Barnard Magazine. I had stopped reading the magazine a number of years ago—more often than not, it felt to me irrelevant or even worse, dumbed down. I have found myself reading it with both pleasure and interest.

—Beth Friedman Shamgar ’67

Rehovot, Israel

A salute to the military

I was disappointed in your article covering the Haiti earthquake. I rarely read the magazine however this cover story caught my eye. You failed to address the major role that

the military played in the relief effort. My husband is an officer in one of several U.S. navy squadrons who were flying 24/7 over Haiti assisting helicopters and ground forces to deliver aid. The navy went through such effort with so few resources, physically and financially, to assist those people. Yet there was no mention of any such alumnae in your article. I volunteer within the naval Hospital system and I know that we sent approximately 40 percent of our hospital’s physicians to Haiti, excluding the presence of USNS Comfort and in addition to our already deployed physicians. I know of at least one Barnard alumna from my class alone who is an officer in the U.S. Navy. I have a very hard time believing that there were no officers, navy physicians, and so forth that were involved in that tremendous effort from Barnard.

—Ann Cambronne Sandretto ’06

Jacksonville, Fla.


In the “Diana Center ribbon-Cutting” story in the Spring 2010 issue, the photo credit should have read Asiya Khaki ’09 and David Wentworth.

“Firm Foundation” in the Spring 2010 issue, incorrectly stated that the HEOP program requires a minimum score of 620 on the critical reading portion of the SAT; it should have stated that the maximum score is 620.

We regret the errors.