Ruth Nemzoff '62 discusses her new book Don't Roll Your Eyes: Making In-Laws into Family.

Jamie Babbit '93 is an accomplished TV and movie director.

Marlena Holter '15 is a competitive synchronized skater.

Retired federal judge Nancy Gertner ’67 continues her legal career by teaching at Harvard Law School, publishing a memoir, and speaking out on important issues.

Throughout the years, Barnard women have studied such sciences as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics, pursuing careers in these fields. Many of these women were pioneers, establishing their places within scientific communities that were all but closed to them. On the following pages, six alumnae, two of whom are retired, talk about their research, how they started, and what inspired them.

History professor Herbert Sloan discusses the idea that the Constitution should be revised every generation.

Barnard’s groundbreaking Center for Toddler Development continues to meld creative play with academic research.

A charitable gift annuity offers an opportunity to give . . . and receive.

Riverside Park—Day, 2009, by Rivka Widerman '77

How skying diving prepared me for my first college drop-off.