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Truth & The Consequences

Behavior economist Dan Ariely investigates honesty and dishonesty.

The Modern Novel Goes Digital

Enthusiastic alumnae flock to Mary Gordon's online course.

Mankind's Messenger

Wiesel interlaced his October 11 talk with references rooted in Jewish culture, text, and history, while adhering to universal themes of injustice, indifference, and the interconnectedness of humanity.

Camera Ready

Creating A Youthful Memoir Through Photography

Syllabus: Introduction to Physics

Helping students decode the world we see and don't see 

The Salon: Finding Her Own Direction

Jamie Babbit '93 is an accomplished TV and movie director.

The Unrepentant Advocate

Retired federal judge Nancy Gertner ’67 continues her legal career by teaching at Harvard Law School, publishing a memoir, and speaking out on important issues.

Alumnae In Science

Throughout the years, Barnard women have studied such sciences as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics, pursuing careers in these fields. Many of these women were pioneers, establishing their places within scientific communities that were all but closed to them. On the following pages, six alumnae, two of whom are retired, talk about their research, how they started, and what inspired them.