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Global Fellows in Sangli

A performance becomes a political force

On Top of the World

A young environmentalist returns to Tibet

Keeping Public Schools Public

Diane Ravitch affirms the compelling need for good community schools

The Writing Fellows

The goal of Barnard’s writing fellows program is simple: It’s meant to help every student write better, no matter what her major.

Salon: A Harrowing Choice

Even as a little girl, Jillian Medoff knew she wanted to be a writer, but she also knew early on that she didn’t want to have to rely on her art to make a living.

Salon:Strings That Swing

Fearless fiddler breathes fresh life into classic American music

Salon: The Keys to Inclusion

For more than 20 years, lawyer Vernā Bigger Myers has helped law firms and other institutions achieve a diverse workforce.

The Next Picture Show

At a restored theater, Jennifer Christman engages a community of interests

Keeping It Local

Caterer Liz Neumark bought a farm to help change the way New Yorkers think about food.

A Generation of Firsts

An alumna honors her parents’ past to improve students’ futures