Annie Danis ’10, Caroline Frosch ’14, Maud Reavill ’14, and Emily Hayflick ’15 explore the Rio Grande gorge

Professor Severin Fowles's Gorge Project, a long-term program of excavations, archaeological surveys, and ethno-historical studies of the Rio Grande gorge, provide students with a wealth of hands-on research opportunities.

Students Publish Science, Anthropology Research in Leading Journals

At Barnard, students majoring in the sciences or other research-intensive subjects have take part in research projects at levels usually reserved for graduate students.

Barnard announces five Fulbright Recipients for 2012

Congratulations to Barnard seniors and recent alumnae who have been awarded Fulbright grants this year.

Wiki Women’s History Month Project

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
6 PM
Digital Training Lab, 1st Floor Lehman Hall