Joanne's desire to paint grew out of her passion for cartooning. Her newest project involves illustrating a children's book.  

Barnard's newest class arrives on campus. 

Barnard welcomes its newest class to campus.

My main source of stress coming to college was the question of roommate compatibility. I was doubtful that filling out a one-page survey would actually convey enough about me for Steve Tolman, the Assistant Director of Residential Life, to pair me with a suitable roommate. Tolman works all summer to pair future roommates together by hand, rather than using a computerized system. “We get invested in students before they get here,” says Tolman, “We actually know about the 580 individuals before they ever set foot on campus.”

Watch a candid video about life in the Residence Halls. Residential Assistants and current First-Years offer advice about learning to live with and love your roommate and finding a balance between school, life and play.

Members of the class of 2014 finally arrived on Barnard's campus on August 30th, 2010.