Summer 2016
For more than 75 years, Marvel Comics has been home to superheroes Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Daredevil—all white males—and superheroines such as the Black Widow and the...
Spring 2016
Jack Hawley has spent his career immersed in the religions and literature of northern India. His fascination with the topic was sparked by a course on world...
Spring 2016
“Welcome to Barnard, Class of 1986!” Thus began my college orientation in the auditorium of Barnard Hall. The woman at the podium waited for the cheering to...

Prof. Elizabeth Castelli named editorial director of L.A. Review of Books religion channel

Elizabeth A. Castelli, Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Religion, has been named editorial director of Marginalia Review of Books, a new channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Syllabus: Cleric, Poet, Lover

Professor Achsah Guibbory on finding contemporary meaning in the works of John Donne.

Prof. Elizabeth Castelli translates screenplay by controversial director Pasolini

Prof. Elizabeth Castelli publishes the first English translation of a screenplay by the legendary and controversial Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini.