Writer on the Road

Jenny Milchman is conducting a phone interview from the front seat of her car parked on a street in Columbus, Ohio. Her daughter Sophie, 9, and son Caleb, 7, do their schoolwork in the back. 

Balancing Acts


Sandwich-Generation Caregivers Juggle Competing Priorities

President Spar on the "perfection trap" facing women today

Hear from Barnard's President on how striving to "have it all" condemns women and their daughters to failure.

Working Mothers, Barnard Daughters

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
6:30 PM
Julius Held Auditorium, 304 Barnard Hall

Critical Conceptions

The latest issue of The Scholar & Feminist Online brings together some of the most esteemed scholars whose works tie analyses of reproductive technologies to frameworks for reproductive justice.

Last Image

Rebecca Nathan Kowalsky ’81, the birth of her grandson, Eitan Uriah