Recruiter In Residence Programs

Career Counseling

Career counseling is available by appointment or during our regularly scheduled drop in hours. Counselors’ services range from discussion of career planning issues and job-search strategies to conducting mock interviews.   Employers are invited to volunteer their time and serve as a resource for current students and alumnae and share insights into the job search process across industries and sectors providing valuable one-on-one direction and coaching.

Career Educational Workshops

Throughout the academic year the Career Development staff conducts workshops on various topics including Conducting a Job Search, Writing a Effective Resume and Cover Letter, and Preparing for the Interview, Managing Your Online Presence in Facebook and Other Social Media, Investment Banking 101, Consulting Case Study 101, Developing Your 30-Second Pitch, Evaluating and Negotiating Your Offer, and more.  Employers are invited to volunteer their time and offer to conduct a workshop of their choosing.  Students find it extremely beneficial and valuable learning directly from individuals in the field and gain insight from insider strategies and tips.

Consultation Services

Employers new and old are encouraged to sit down with the Senior Associate Director for Employer Relations and Campus Recruitment in our office to assure that your organization is getting the most out of their recruitment efforts.  The Senior Associate Director will work with your organization to develop a tailored recruitment strategy that best meets your recruitment needs.

If your organization would like to participate in any of the services above, please contact Gregory Triandis, Senior Associate Director, Employer Relations and Campus Recruitment at