Schedule Information Sessions

Employer Information sessions and presentations can greatly enhance your on-campus recruitment effort.  Session early on in the semester raise student knowledge and awareness about your organization, thereby increasing the number of resumes submitted and candidates interested in your organization’s employment opportunity.  A session held the night before interviews allows recruiters to present key information to all students on a schedule at once and to meet additional interested students if you choose an open format.

All sessions require advance scheduling and preparation, and employers request these sessions directly through the NACElink system.   To request an information session simply login to the NACElink system with your employer account and click on “Request New Information Session” under the shortcuts are of the homepage.   Information sessions can take place on-campus Monday through Friday in the fall and spring semesters.  If we are unable to accommodate the date and time requested we would directly contact you and provide direction and guidance on alternative dates and times available to host you on campus.

Once your session is scheduled we will advertise your event to students and alumnae through our online event calendar in the NACElink system as well as the public calendar located on the Barnard Career Development website.