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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the internship grant award?

Grantees will receive an internship grant award of up to $800 in the fall and spring semesters, and up to $2000 for a summer internship.

How much time will it take for decisions on the grant applications? 

About two weeks. 

How will we hear about the decision?

You will hear via e-mail.

Can I fill out the application if I do not officially have the internship yet?

You can only apply for an internship grant for a specific internship position.  You will forfeit your grant and may be prohibited from applying for another internship grant in future cycles if you are awarded a grant but did not have the internship position secured as of the application date.  Likewise, if you get a grant and then change your internship, you will forfeit your grant.

If I have two internships should I write about both of them or just one?

You can apply for funding for both internships or for just one.  Please complete a separate application for each internship.  Awarding a student a grant for two internships is a very rare occurrence.

Do I apply for a specific grant?

You apply in general for an internship grant and are awarded grants based on application quality and available funding.  However, you are encouraged to review the list of available funds and mention appropriate funds in your application.

Can I get a grant if I am interning with a professor?

Yes, but only if you are interning with a professor who is working for an outside organization. You cannot get a grant for conducting research for a Barnard professor working for Barnard.

Can I get a grant if I am doing an internship as part of a course or my senior thesis?

No, internship grants are for students doing unpaid, non-academic internships only.

Can I get a grant more than once?

It is possible but previous grantees are given lower priority.  We try to give as many students as possible the opportunity to receive funding for an unpaid internship. Typically, students will receive a grant more than once only if there is no other internship position during that particular application cycle that fits the parameters of an available grant.

What are the most common reasons why an applicant does not get funded?

Applications that are not well thought-out and that do not make the connection between the internship and the student’s career development will not be looked upon favorably.  We also want to see that a grant applicant will gain meaningful exposure to a career field of interest through her internship position.  Typos, poor grammar and a sloppy résumé will also hurt an otherwise excellent application.  Applicants are encouraged to visit the Career Development office to have their résumés and applications critiqued prior to submitting their application materials.

I am a first-year student.  May I apply for an internship grant?

Yes, for the summer; however, keep in mind that once you receive funding it is difficult to get funded a second time.

I am studying abroad.  May I apply for an internship grant?

Yes.  Please also note that we have special funding each summer for students interning abroad.

I am an international student.  May I apply for an internship grant?

International students may be eligible for the internship grant program but they should contact the office of International and Intercultural Student Programs (via phone at 212-854-1777) before they apply.

I am a Senior who will be graduating following the fall academic term.  May I apply for fall internship grants?


My internship sponsor is providing some compensation for my internship.  May I apply for an internship grant?

In some cases, we may deduct any compensation/stipend received from an employer from the total grant award.  We will contact all internship host organizations to verify the amount of any compensation or stipend provided to grantees.

I am interning for a political campaign.  May I apply for an internship grant?

No.  The program does not support the use of funds for these purposes.

I am interning for a an organization involved in direct proselytizing for religious work. May I apply for an internship grant?

No. The program does not support the use of funds for these purposes.

I am doing an internship through an organization that I have paid to place me in a position.  May I apply for an internship grant?

No. This program does not support the use of funds for this purpose.

I am interning for an organization that is owned or run by my immediate family.  May I apply for an internship grant?

No.  The program will not provide grants to students interning at organizations owned or run by their immediate family members.  A grantee’s internship supervisor also may not be a family member.