OCR Rights and Responsibilities



We expect that students represent themselves honestly in all aspects of the hiring process including, but not limited to: information listed in resumes, unofficial transcripts, and test score documentations, as well as during phone and face-to-face interviews. Barnard Career Development reserves the right to verify GPAs and courses listed on resumes and unofficial transcripts against the official transcript from the Registrar’s office. If it comes to Barnard Career Development’s attention that you are misrepresenting yourself in any way, disciplinary action will be taken.  Violations of this policy may result in any of the following based on the severity of the misrepresentation:

  • Dismissal from the On-Campus Recruiting Program for the remainder of the semester/academic year.
  • Meeting with the Director of Career Development, Robert Earl, and appropriate BCD Recruiting Staff members for further review and disciplinary action.


  1. Right to accurate and complete information about employers' organizations and employment opportunities.
  2. Right to courteous and professional treatment by employers throughout the interview process.
  3. Responsibility to complete all steps in the OCR registration process, including reading and understanding all On-Campus Recruiting policies and procedures. By registering in Barnard NACElink, students acknowledge that they will abide by all policies and procedures and agree to the release of their employment materials.
  4. Responsibility to provide accurate information in all phases of the On-Campus Recruiting process, including in your Barnard NACElink profile, resumes, unofficial transcripts, cover letters, and interviews.  Misrepresentation of information is a violation of Barnard Career Development’s Student Policies and Procedures and will result in a meeting with the Director of Career Development, Robert Earl, and appropriate BCD recruiting staff members for further review and disciplinary action, including possible dismissal from the OCR program.
  5. Students are expected to submit a resume to a particular opportunity ONLY if they are genuinely interested in the position and are available for employment.
  6. Students are asked to act responsibly, professionally, respond in a timely manner when evaluating an offer. Please do not hold on to multiple offers longer then required to make an informed decision.  “Hoarding” of offers is not condoned.
  7. Students are responsible for withdrawing any and all applications once they have made final decisions on their employment options and have accepted a position whether verbally or in writing.