Senior Initiative

Be prepared to land your dream job.

Senior Initiative Barnard Career Development's workshop series is constructed to assist graduating students with navigating today’s job market and ultimately excelling in their desired careers.  Through a series of customized core programs students will learn how to effectively search and apply for jobs; market themselves to prospective employers; communicate effectively in and out of the workplace; and make lasting connections with other professionals. After the core classes are completed, participants will be paired with a career counselor who will work directly with them to support and customize their career development and senior year job search.

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Section 1

  • Keynote Address, Wednesday, October 5th

  • Thursday, October 6th (Conducting a Comprehensive Job Search)

  • Thursday, October 13th (Five Keys to a Successful Interview)

  • Monday, October 17th (Networking like a Pro)

  • Closing Keynote, Tuesday, October 18th


Section 2  

  • Keynote Address, Wednesday, October 5th

  • Monday,  October 10th (Conducting a Comprehensive Job Search)

  • Tuesday, October, 11th (Networking like a Pro)

  • Wednesday, October 12th (Five Keys to a Successful Interview)

  • Closing Keynote, Tuesday, October 18th


Senior Initiative Workshops: 

Networking like a Pro

Seventy to eighty percent of jobs go unadvertised.  What does this mean for seniors looking for full-time jobs? You must be networking! Though students know that networking is a crucial part of the job search, many times they are still unclear about exactly how to go about doing so.  Learn how to build upon your network by locating, contacting, and following-up with professionals, both in-person and online.

Conducting a Comprehensive Job Search

In the current economic climate, one needs to employ a variety of tactics that effectively implement a job search. Learn strategy that brings job opportunities in both the open and hidden job market. 

Five Keys to a Successful Interview

A resume and cover letter will get you an interview, but the interview is what gets you the job!  Though you will never quite know exactly what will be asked during an interview, proper training and practice can prepare for whatever comes your way. Learn what to do before, during, and after an interview to make the best possible impression, communicate your message, and land the job.


Additional Opportunities

Take a Barnard Student to Work Day

On Take a Barnard Student to Work Day, you will be matched with an alumna and visit her workplace for a one-day event: Friday, February 26thThis day will allow you to get a first-hand look at a company’s culture, along with the day-to-day aspects of a particular industry or position. Most of all, you will have an invaluable opportunity to network with enthusiastic alumnae and build connections in your field of interest.

Career Assessments

You will be paired with a Career Counselor who will work with you independently on your career development and job search.  If you are unsure of what you want,  you can take career assessments that will help you understand your preferences and tendencies:  exactly the information you'll need to choose a career you can be passionate about.

  • Strong's Interest Inventory-This personality assessment tool helps indicate your preferred manner of taking in and evaluating information; it will identify your preferred style of working, decision-making, and communicating.  This survey can help you evaluate how likely you are to thrive in a particular job setting.

  • MBTI -The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is designed to help you select a career field that that fits your personality make-up.


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