Email Signatures

Use the following email signature guidelines for your email address to present a more unified, professional appearance for official College communications. These guidelines are recommended for all faculty and staff.

Copy and paste one of the examples below into the signature area found in your google mail or Outlook settings, then replace the text with your information.


Option 1:

Fname Lastname

Barnard College
3009 Broadway • New York, NY 10027
t: 212-854-1234 • f: 212-854-0009


Option 2:

Fname Lastname

Barnard College
t: 212-85x-xxxx • yourid
Follow us: FacebookTwitterInstagram


Note that images may not load or may appear as attachments in certain email clients or depending on the recipient's settings. For cleanest results, use text only.


  • The first three lines should generally be your full name, title and department
  • Optionally link the name of the department to the department website, e.g. link Human Resources to
  • Optionally leave an empty line, then include the address and contact information
  • The address may be a room, e.g. Milbank 115, or omitted if you don't have people visiting you on campus
  • Include only useful phone numbers, e.g., don't include fax number if never used
  • Optionally include links to social media


Do keep it simple, including only essential information in three to nine lines.

Do Use Arial, Barnard's web-safe font, sized at 12-14 pixels. If that is not an option, select simply 'sans-serif'. Other fonts will not display correctly.

Do use a single, neutral color such as black or dark grey.


Don’t include vCARDS since they add unnecessary file size and appear as attachments.

Don’t include tag lines or quotes since these may be perceived as College-wide statements.

Don't use social media icons.