Faculty Working with the Media

The Media Relations team coordinates with media outlets worldwide to raise the profile of the College by offering the expertise of Barnard’s faculty and coordinating interviews on topics in the news. We also work to promote Barnard professors by highlighting faculty research, publications, projects, events, appearances and awards. We invite faculty members to contact us regarding these and other ways of contributing to the public dialogue about key issues in our society and world.

Media Interviews

If you are contacted by the media to speak about your research or on behalf of the college, please email mediarelations@barnard.edu or 212-854-2037. Barnard's media relations team is happy to help in the following ways:

Media Coverage

We monitor for all news about Barnard, but we welcome any and all tips about Barnard students, faculty, or alumnae in the news. Please send any news coverage related to Barnard to mediarelations@barnard.edu.

If your area of expertise becomes headline news and you are interested in contributing to the public dialogue, please contact the Media Relations team. We are available to help in the following ways:

  • Provide submission guidelines for Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor of local and national newspapers as well as online forums.
  • Help identify possible media opportunities.
  • Help organize and promote panel discussions, online forums, and other timely events/virtual events.

On Campus Interviews

For any on campus interview, the media relations team is available to coordinate with the journalist to meet them when they arrive on campus and help them find their way to your office.

Broadcast Interviews

For interviews involving film crews, the media relations team must be notified in order to work with Public Safety to ensure that the film crew is allowed to enter campus and able to capture necessary footage without disrupting campus life. If you are asked to go to a television or radio station for an interview, the media relations team is available to accompany you and help with any logistics.

All Interviews

For any type of interview, the media relations team is available to help with any logistics, from scheduling to gathering background materials.