Submit a Request: Design and Production

Design and Production is responsible for conceptualizing, designing, producing, and aiding in the distribution of Barnard’s promotional communications. Whether you’re creating a poster or newsletter, a research report or a brochure, the print and production team will work with you from the inception of a project to create a publication that not only best reaches your target audience but also reflects the refreshed visual identity of the College.

Steps for requesting printed materials:

1. Complete the Production Request Form

Please submit the Design and Production Form to production director Lisa Buonaiuto. If you have any questions, email: or call 212.854.7522.

If your project is new (as opposed to a redesign), Lisa may, at this time, ask you to fill out a Communications Brief, which contains several key questions that will help us improve the effectiveness of your publication.
If your project is a reprint—that is, if it requires information to be updated but does not require a redesign—you may include the updated text (as a Word document) with your Production Request Form. Please also, when possible, provide a sample of the previously printed material; this is helpful in determining paper stock, type of printing, etc.

What information do you need before filling out a Production Request Form?

• QUANTITY  As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you order 10% more than you think you’ll need, especially if you’ll be mailing the piece.

• BUDGET  In order to ensure that the project falls within your budget, the costs associated with design, printing, and mailing must be estimated before a piece is put into production. An approved quote will initiate the process of obtaining a purchase order; please note that Barnard Purchasing requires you secure a P.O. before work can be released to the printer/vendor.

2. Reviewing the design proofs

The Print & Production Department will provide you with up to three design proofs, free of charge.

• Review the first proof.
Depending on the size of your project, it could take anywhere from two days to two weeks for you to receive the first design proof. This is your opportunity for large-scale changes. Now is the time to make necessary revisions to the design, artwork, layout, and text.

• Review the second proof.
Usually with 2-3 days of receiving your first round of edits, we will send you a second design proof. Changes to this proof should be smaller in scale. Elements of the design, including artwork and layout, should be finalized here. You should also review the text for any additional edits that need to be made.

• Review the third and final proof.
This is your opportunity to cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’. Here, you’ll want to review the text one last time to make sure everything is perfect. You will usually have one more opportunity to make corrections (with the printer’s proof; see below), but changes at that stage are often made for a fee (assessed by the printer). Please note: we do not provide proofreading services, so catching mistakes before the publication is sent to print is your responsibility.

What if we’ve gone through three rounds of edits & my project is still not done?

If additional revisions are required beyond the third design proof, we will turn the project over to one of our freelance designers. The designer will work with you directly to finalize the project, but you/your department will be billed for this service. (Freelance designers typically charge between $50-$75/hour.)

3. Review the printer’s proof

If your project is being printed by an off-campus printer, you’ll receive a printer’s proof for review. This is your opportunity to see exactly how your publication will look once it’s been printed, and your absolute last chance to change anything (again, usually, at this stage, for a fee). If your project is being printed on-campus by Document Services, production director Lisa Buonaiuto will review and sign-off on the printer’s proof.

4. Enjoy your publication!