Copyright and Image Use

If you are sponsoring a public event on campus, you or the speaker may wish to provide an image for use in our promotional materials. In order to use the image you submit, the image must be in the public domain (see here for more information: or you must secure explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Often speakers submit images that they found on the web and that they use in classroom presentations. While the fair use standard may allow faculty to reproduce images for educational purposes, the same standard does not apply to promotional materials.

It is the responsibility of the department submitting the materials to secure such permissions. Providing images without the proper authorization may result in the College being fined or sued by the rights-holder. In that case, the College reserves the right to charge fines paid back to the appropriate department where the event originated.

If you have been unable to secure permissions to use a particular image, you may still send your image(s) to Communications to provide art direction for your publicity. We will do our best to find usable imagery that captures the mood you’re looking for.