Department Site Settings

This section will cover how to edit academic department site settings and home pages. This includes editing the color scheme, background image,  page description, and making a dropdown menu in the header. The rest is edited or managed as it has been.



How to change the theme:

To change anything the concerns the overall theme of the microsite can be done in Current Domain Theme Settings in the top toolbar. From there, Theme Configuration will hold all the settings corresponding to the theme of the site. Do not change any other settings.

Theme configuration:

To change the color scheme:

  • The color scheme has a dropdown of all the different color options for the site.

To change the background images:

  • The Banner Background Image is the top image in the header
  • The Banner Background Footer is the image at the bottom of the page
  • To change either of these images follow the following steps if the image has not yet been uploaded otherwise if the image has already been uploaded, skip to step 3:
    1. Upload the desired image, through Content (in the top toolbar) > Files > +Add File > Upload File 
      The system will crop to the size needed. If the image needs adjusting, crop to 1600x325 pixels.

    2. Once you have uploaded your desired image, open the image in the browser by clicking the link, copy everything after in the link address, including the leading slash, e.g., /sites/default/files/illustration_bc_0.jpg

    3. Paste the address into the textbox for the Background Images



Some other image options:












Greek Games statue



How to add photos to main page slideshow

To add photos to the main page slideshow, on the main page click “New Draft” or “Edit Draft” as you would for any other page. In the banner section, you are able to add up to five slides. To select an image, follow the same method as if adding/selecting an image for a body of text. Click “select media” and the media module will appear. Add an image by searching for it by filename or uploading a new image. To learn more about adding images, visit Web Tutorials on Adding Media.

Banner Headline: Title of the Slide
Banner Markup: Descriptive text to follow the Title, appearing in smaller font below the Title

Both are optional.


If you have an existing slideshow from your previous site's version, you can use those pictures by editing that slideshow and finding the filename of each picture. Use that filename to search for the image.

Formatting the copy

Use the Heading 3 format to have larger text as shown in the design comps. 


Heading 3 vs. Normal


For menus to show sub-items, the top link must be set to show as expanded.

  • Select the gear icon in the top right corner of the menu
  • Select List Links
  • Select the highest number as the Depth of items to return and Filter
  • For each menu item that has "children" below it, select edit, and check the box to  show as expanded.

Overall Tips

  • If there is extra white space at the bottom of the page before the footer, check the Right Column Copy to see that there are no extra characters or lines inserted.