Arthur Liman Yale Summer Fellowship

The Arthur Liman Center for Public Interest Law at Yale Law School supports undergraduates and graduate students working in the public interest. Broadly defined, public interest law includes helping those who lack the resources to retain attorneys, as well as engaging in advocacy work, and participating in shaping public policy.  The Liman Summer Fellowship offers students an opportunity to participate in public interest law projects. Summer Fellows have worked on issues such as immigrants’ rights, workers’ rights, prison conditions, educational adequacy, and juvenile justice. Placements can include organizations providing civil or criminal legal services to individuals or to groups, organizations focused on problems of legal and public policy, and law-related media. Summer Fellows have the opportunity to participate in the Liman Public Interest Law Colloquium, an annual event held at Yale Law School that brings together advocates, scholars, and students from across the country for a day-long discussion on public interest topics such as low-wage workers and workfare, criminal justice reform, and organizing both globally and locally. Through their involvement with the Liman Program, Summer Fellows become part of a large network of public interest advocates.  Fellowships are offered to students at Barnard, Brown, Harvard, Princeton (undergraduate and graduate), Spelman, Stanford, and Yale.

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