Two scanning stations are available for student use. The scanners are now located in the Student Computing Center in 307 Diana.

There is one Mac scanning station and one PC scanning station. The PC uses a CanonScan 8880F scanner and the Mac uses a CanoScan LiDE 60 scanner.

PDF Scanning Instructions

  • Place item to be scanned face down on the scanner, as straight as possible, with the top of the page towards you.
  • Open CanoScan solution menu from the Desktop or Dock.
  • To scan as a PDF or color image, click the PDF button in the toolbox tray. If you do not want a PDF, click the button that is needed.
  • A new window should appear. Set the scan mode as desired.
  • Enter a file name. Note the destination of the image as indicated in “Save Scanned Image to” box.
  • Click the Scan button.
  • If scanning more than one page, put next page face down on scanner and click Next.
  • Once scan is completed, select Finish. Image should open in Adobe Reader.
  • Save the scanned images to a convenient place. Do not leave them on the desktop or they will be deleted when you log off.

OCR Scanning Instructions on the PC

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR allows users to scan documents as editable text.

  • Open OmniPage SE from the Desktop.
  • Once document is placed in scanner, select the 1-2-3 button in the top left corner and the scanner will begin OR choose each number at a time to customize settings.
  • Edit text accordingly.
  • Make sure that the "True Page" view is selected. Please note images may be displayed incorrectly on the screen, but this may or may not show on printed copies of the scanned document.
  • When printing, please select the page range. Otherwise, all scanned pages will print. To view each page, click the arrows in the bottom left corner of the OmniPage window.

Creating PDF Documents

Printing multiple PDF pages per sheet

  • In Adobe Reader, go to Print--Properties--Finishing and change preferences under document options.
  • Converting Documents to PDF
  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Open the file
  • Go to “File” (the symbol icon in the top lefthand corner) and place your mouse over the “Save as” option
  • Click “PDF or XPS” to save the document as a PDF

Converting Excel files

  • Open the file you wish to convert
  • Go to “File”, then go to “Print”
  • Select “Print to File”, then go to the “Printer name” scroll box and select “Acrobat Distiller”
  • Excel will prompt you for the “output file name”–create filename for document
  • Close out of the document and go to “My Computer”, then the “P drive” (pcapps)
  • Open the P: and open the folder called “off-set”
  • Copy/paste the document in question into the “in” folder in “off-set”
  • Retrieve the newly converted .pdf file from the “out” folder. If it doesn’t appear right away, close out the folder and open it again.
  • To edit a PDF, (directly within the PDF file) you have to use Adobe Acrobat Professional. This is installed only on the Mac and PC scanning computers in the Student Computing Center.