Referrals for Therapy or Medication

The Furman Counseling Center maintains an extensive referral network of psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers to whom we make many student referrals each year.   Sometimes students come to us knowing from the outset that they would like to begin longer-term treatment, and/or that they would prefer to pursue counseling with a practitioner outside the Barnard campus.  In these instances, we are happy to provide referrals to therapists who are either in private practice in Manhattan, or who are affiliated with a clinic in the area.   We can also make referrals to area psychiatrists who can prescribe medication for you if needed, or who can monitor and continue treatment that you may have begun before coming to Barnard.

On the other hand, you and your counselor at the Counseling Center may decide together that you would benefit most from longer-term therapy.  This may be apparent in the first or second meeting with your counselor.  At this point, your counselor will work with you to provide referral options that will allow you continue your progress.  We make every effort to identify treatment resources that fall within students' financial requirements.