Disability Housing Request

Disability Services works closely with Residential Life & Housing to respond to the individual needs of Barnard students with disabilities.

Housing options for Barnard students include rooms in traditional corridor-style and apartment suite-style residence halls in the neighborhood surrounding campus.  All residential Barnard students are expected to follow College policies as well as College housing policies and procedures developed by the Office of Residential Life and Housing.  

All incoming first year students who wish to live on campus (including those with diagnosed disabilities) are required to live in the First Year Focus area (multiple rooms in traditional corridor-style residence halls with a mandatory meal plan).  Transfer and visiting students are housed based on availability, and are typically placed in multiple rooms.   Roommate assignments are based on matching questions on the housing application and specific roommates can be requested on the Disability Housing Accommodation Request Form. Continuing students may include housing preferences as part of their disability housing accommodation request; however, class year is taken into consideration when reviewing those requests.  Sophomores typically live in multiple rooms and certain locations may be typically reserved for seniors. 

Procedures for Requesting Disability Housing Accommodations 

  1. New incoming students (ex. First Years, Transfers, Visitors) and students not currently living in housing (ex. Commuters, students returning from Study Abroad, students applying for readmission to the College) must submit a completed Housing Application (http://barnard.edu/reslife/applications/).
  2. Students must also submit the Disability Housing Accommodation Request Form:  https://goo.gl/forms/2ba1bUqAB6mjcXFG2.

On the Request form, students may specify one requested roommate or suitemate.  This must be requested when submitting the form; permission for a specific roommate or suitemate cannot be provided after accommodations have been granted and/or room assignments made.

       3. Students must submit disability documentation that follows the ODS Disability Documentation Guidelines (DDG) requirements      (http://barnard.edu/disabilityservices/resources/manual-forms/disability-documentation-guidelines-and-model-template). Please remember that the DDG must be in the required format. Documentation must be recent; updated and/or additional documentation may be required on a case by case basis. It is important that the documentation establish a direct connection between the disability and the requested housing accommodation(s).  Students with Service Animals or requesting permission to have a Support Animal within their designated housing assignment should refer to the Service and Support Animal Policy.

     4 . If this is the first time you are applying for Disability housing accommodations students must schedule a brief meeting prior to the Disability Housing Accommodation Request deadline with the Director of Disability Services to discuss their housing accommodation requests. Please contact ODS at ods@barnard.edu or call (212) 854-4634 to schedule an appointment.  If this is a reapplication for a disability housing accommodation request then please submit your form and new supporting documentation and ODS staff will contact you if any questions arise necessitating additional information or an in-person meeting.  The deadline for disability housing accommodations for the 2017-2018 Academic Year is February 17, 2017 at 1pm for all current Barnard Students.   

For applicable deadlines, refer to http://barnard.edu/reslife/applications/.  Requests for disability housing accommodations must be submitted by the same deadline for the housing application.  Students registered with ODS who are currently in housing who wish to apply for the following academic year must submit disability housing accommodations to ODS by February 17, 2017 at 1pm  (i.e. prior to the Spring Room Selection process).  Requests for accommodations after the deadlines will typically only be considered for newly diagnosed disabilities.

****First year students, transfer students, visiting students, or readmitted students for Fall 2017 who were not at Barnard already in Spring 2017 will have a different deadline.  That deadline will be posted when it's ready. 

The Disability Housing Committee evaluates housing applications and the necessity of the requested accommodations(s). The Committee includes staff from the Office of Disability Services, Counseling Services, Residential Life & Housing and Primary Care Health Services.


Life Safety List for Assistance in Emergency Evacuations

All students are expected to evacuate immediately upon the sounding of the building fire alarm. Students with disabilities who need assistance evacuating from their residence hall in the event of a fire alarm, should meet with an ODS staff member and ask to be placed on the Life Safety List that is shared with Public Safety.  If you are unsure if you need to be on this list, please contact ODS and staff can assist you in determining the next steps. 

If you do not have a physical, visual, or hearing disability, but also still have a need for assistance in an emergency situation (i.e. unable to hear fire alarm as a heavy sleeper), please contact ODS to discuss. Students with temporary disabilities are also strongly encouraged to be in touch with ODS if they need to be placed on the Life Safety List with Public Safety if there is any anticipation of difficulty with exiting the residence hall in the event of an emergency. Copies of the Life Safety List will be kept on confidential file in ODS, Public Safety and Residential Life and Housing to be used in the event of an emergency.

All students unable to self-evacuate must call Barnard Security at (212) 854-3362 at the sounding of a fire alarm and provide their name and location. In the event of an actual life-safety emergency which necessitates total evacuation, trained New York City Fire Department (NYFD) personnel will be dispatched and take responsibility.