Marsteller Internship


Initiated in 1998 with generous support from the Marsteller family, the Marsteller Internship Program supports students with disabilities in self-selected semester-long and summer internships. Named in honor of Julie V. Marsteller, Barnard Class of 1965 and founder of the Center for Accessibility Resources & Disability Services (CARDS), Marsteller Interns are selected on the basis of a competitive application. The program is sponsored by CARDS in conjunction with Beyond Barnard.

Dean Marsteller

Julie Marsteller (1943-1990) was a strong and moving force in the lives of the many students with disabilities with whom she worked during her years in ODS from 1978-1990. Serving as Dean for Disabled Students and first Chair of Barnard’s 504/ADA Access Committee, Dean Marsteller was responsible for conducting the College’s first institutional self-evaluation in 1977 mandated by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Recipient of numerous disability-related awards and citations, Julie had a profound understanding of the needs of students with both visible and invisible disabilities and was an active and concerned role model to disabled and nondisabled students alike. The creation of the Marsteller Internship Program is a living testimony to her spirit, dedication and commitment to disability issues at Barnard.

Application Process

All current students with disabilities who are registered with the Center for Accessibility Resources & Disability Services are eligible to apply for a Marsteller Internship grant. Students who may have a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but who have not yet registered with CARDS may do so at any time. Disabilities may include mobility, visual or hearing disabilities, as well as invisible disabilities such as learning disabilities/ADD, chronic medical conditions, psychiatric disabilities and substance abuse/recovery. Application deadlines are determined at the beginning of each grant period; generally, in October for fall internships; February for spring internships; and April for summer internships. Applications and applicable deadlines are available at Beyond Barnard in Elliott Hall, 2nd Floor.  You may also contact Cindy Meekins or Zena Jones in Career Development directly to inquire about applications at or!