How to Register

The Center for Accessibility Resources & Disability Services (CARDS) provides a wide variety of individualized support services for registered students (examples may include assistance in obtaining specialized equipment, test accommodations, academic coaching, etc.), as well as working with various campus constituencies regarding access for individuals with disabilities.

If you are a Barnard student with a disability, we encourage you to register with us, even if you are not sure whether you'll need accommodations. Registration with CARDS is confidential and can serve as a type of "insurance policy" for you in the event of a flare-up or other disability-related need.

How to Register

To register with CARDS, you will need to complete the following steps:

Fill out a new student application. This brief application will allow you to give us some insight on your needs here at Barnard.

Submit supporting documentation from your medical provider. 

Schedule an intake appointment with a CARDS case manager. Once at your appointment, your case manager will spend some time chatting with you in order to get to know you and your needs. The case manager will explain CARDS policies and procedures for accessing accommodations, complete an intake packet with you, and create a reasonable accommodation plan for you. More information on how to schedule your intake will be provided when you submit your application.

For students with housing accommodation needs:  please note that there is an additional housing accommodation request form that you will need to complete for your request to be considered. 


Rights and Responsibilities for Registered Students:

You have a right:

  • To reasonable accommodations in response to your disability-related needs.
  • To confidentiality as specified by the CARDS Exchange of Information Form in your student application. You can choose to change your selections of whom CARDS can speak to at any time in writing by sending an email to
  • To timely responses to your disability-related needs.
  • To decline services and/or remove your name from the CARDS list of Registered Students at any time.

You have a responsibility:

  • To provide appropriate and timely documentation prior to registration with CARDS and to update as necessary.
  • To self-identify your disability related needs to CARDS and your accommodation needs to faculty members.
  • To read and respond to communication from CARDS (emails/ phone calls/ letters) in a timely manner.
  • To complete a required check-in with CARDS at the beginning of the semester for class accommodations and every year for housing accommodations.