Deans and Directors

Barnard students and alumnae are welcome to meet with the deans. Each calendar linked below features instructions on making appointments online. 

If you see that the dean is not available and you are experiencing an emergency or other urgent matter, contact our office so that we can direct you to the resources you need.


Natalie Friedman
Dean of Studies  Dean for the Senior Class

Faculty liaison for Academics and Advising
Liaison to the Committee on Programs and Academic Standing
Liaison to the Committee on Honors
Liaison to Health Professions Advising Committee (HPAC) 
Requests for Resumed Education 
Students of Concern
Contact:  schedule an appointment or email at There are no current walk-ins. Please make an appointment. 

Rebecca Grabiner 
Dean for the First-Year Class  Dean for Academic Assistance

Academic and Personal Advising for First-Years
Academic Assistance – tutoring, help rooms, etc.

General Advising

Contact: schedule an appointment or email at

Christina Kuan Tsu
Dean for the Sophomore Class  Transfer Advising Dean

Academic and Personal Advising for Sophomores and Transfers
Peer Academic Mentoring Coordinator
Contact:  schedule an appointment or email at  

Evelyn Leong
Dean for the Junior Class and Fellowships Adviser

Academic and Personal Advising for Juniors
Adviser for Fellowships 
Liaison to Phi Beta Kappa 
Liaison to Committee on Honors
Contact:  schedule an appointment or email at

Jennifer Simmons

Build and maintain course schedule
Coordinate and support registration for classes 
Process grades and grade changes 
Assign classrooms and schedule finals
Update student degree audits and confer degrees
Issue academic transcripts and verifications of enrollment/graduation
Evaluate transfer credit (including summer and study abroad)

Marybeth Kemm
Associate Registrar

Stephanie Raptis
Assistant Registrar

Sue Dodson
Enrollment Information Systems

Laura Yow
External Credit Coordinator

    Bernetta Parson
    Director, HEOP/CSTEP/STEP

    Directs the academic year and summer sessions of the collegiate opportunities programs (HEOP and CSTEEP)
    Directs the academic year and summer sessions of the pre-collegiate program (STEP)


    Elida Martinez-Gaynor
    Senior Associate Director, HEOP/CSTEP/STEP

    Adviser to all BOP, CSTEP & HEOP sophomores in matters academic, career, or personal
    Co-coordinates the college-wide peer-to-peer learning program
    Contactschedule an appointment or email at