First-Year Class Notes

As the First-Year Class Dean, I am the person who can help you navigate your first year at college. During the summer, I will help you put together a preliminary academic program for your first semester, and I will pair you with the academic adviser who will guide you through your first year at Barnard. During the school year, I will provide you with information and advice about your first-year experience, and I will connect you with the other people on campus who will help make your years at Barnard even more fulfilling and satisfying.

Your first year here is going to be both exciting and challenging. I hope that you'll feel comfortable dropping by my office to ask me questions about policies and procedures, to talk to me about problems and concerns, or just to fill me in on how your classes and activities are going. Every week during the academic year, I will have walk-in hours, when you can ask quick questions, and I will also have appointment times, when you can discuss issues in more detail. These walk-in hours and appointment times will be posted each week on the First-Year Class Blog.

The First-Year Class Blog will be an important resource of important information for the entire first-year class throughout the year. Sometimes the blog postings will remind you of important deadlines coming up, and sometimes the postings will inform you of special events and opportunities. The blog is also the site where you can find links to other offices on campus who can provide both guidance and advice about specific questions. So be sure to bookmark the blog site and check it at least once or twice a week.

I look forward to getting to know you—come by and see me!

First-Year Class Dean
Rebecca Grabiner