Double Degree Program with the Jewish Theological Seminary

Barnard/JTS Double Degree students pursue a unique opportunity at Barnard:  a major course of study at a liberal arts college, and a specialized course of study at Jewish Theological Seminary. Most students enrolled in the Double Degree program take more than the average number of credits that a single-degree earning student at Barnard might take, but some semesters can be a bit lighter or a bit more academically rigorous -- the decision is up to the student, in collaboration with advisers at both JTS and Barnard.

All Barnard students -- per federal and College policy -- must be registered in 12 or more credits to maintain good academic standing. A full-time course of study at JTS is 9 credits. There may be some semesters where students take 9 and JTS and 12 at Barnard, but mostly, JTS/Barnard Double Degree students take some other combination of credits. As long as their combined credits are equal to 12 or above, they are full-time students.

JTS/Barnard Double Degree students are required to take at least 12 credits for three out of their eight semesters at Barnard.   In every semester, double degree students must be enrolled in at least one 3-credit academic course at Barnard.

JTS/Barnard Double Degree students enrolled in 12 credits or more at Barnard will be charged full tuition; if they take fewer than 12, they may be eligible to pay on a per-credit basis. Students must decide on how many credits they are taking by the time registration closes (usually during the first two weeks of the semester). Double Degree students who decide to drop below 12 credits AFTER the registration deadline (either by the "drop" deadline or by the "w" deadline -- see the Academic Calendar for details) will still be charged full tuition. Only students who register for fewer than 12 credits at Barnard within the first two weeks will be eligible for per-credit payment.

See the following for details  about tuition:

Full time at Barnard (12 credits or more)= $24,307 per semester (this does not include the comprehensive fees)

Full time at JTS (9 credits or more) = $9,785 per semester

Less than full time registration at either institution results in per credit charges for any courses taken at that institution.

Barnard: $1,620 per credit

JTS: $1,115 per credit

Families can use a sample budget to figure out costs of the Double Degree program; this sample budget can be found on Barnard's Financial Aid website here: Housing costs can also be found on that page.

Barnard degree requirements must be fulfilled with appropriate courses taken at Barnard, Columbia, or on study leave.

Please see the handbook Information for Double Degree Students, available in the righthand column on this webpage. Please contact our office at (212) 854–2024 for additional information or to make an appointment with our Dean of Studies.