Resumed Baccalaureate Candidates

Barnard degree candidates who have been out of school for five years or more are strongly encouraged to contact the Director of Resumed Education to discuss the possibility of completing their degrees. Students who have been out for a while often bring a mature and refreshed perspective to their studies, and the life experiences that they bring to the classroom often greatly enrich the learning experiences of their fellow students. The College accordingly wishes to support RB candidates wherever and in whatever ways possible.

Candidates may wish to make an initial inquiry via telephone or e-mail, after which the Director will typically need to take a few days to research the candidate's situation. Once the candidate and the Director have consulted informally, in most cases the Director will suggest that the candidate write a letter requesting readmission, which should include the following information: a brief description of the reasons for the candidate's departure from Barnard; a brief description of what she has been doing since leaving Barnard (and, in particular, a listing of any courses she may have taken at other institutions); a description of her reasons for wishing to resume her studies at this point. Candidates should be sure to forward transcripts of any college work they have done since leaving Barnard.

Once an RB applicant has been readmitted to the College, she will complete an enrollment form each semester and will be subject to all regular academic policies. (See above. However, in certain cases, RB's may be subject to the degree requirements that were in place at the time of their original enrollment.)

While RB's will of course have faculty advisers in their major departments, they are urged to consult the Director on any and all matters pertaining to their enrollment at Barnard: course selection, degree requirements, academic policies and procedures, financial aid, fees, etc.