Faculty & Staff Support

Office Hours: Professors and TAs

For questions about homework, upcoming exams, readings, paper topics, enrichment, mentoring, larger questions about the field, etc.

Check your syllabus (usually on Courseworks) for time(s) and location(s). Bring what’s giving you trouble when you go. Can’t make it to scheduled office hours?  Make an appointment by asking the professor after class or sending a polite email outlining your question(s) and requesting a meeting.

(Tips on How to Talk to Your Professor, Illinois State University)


General Chemistry:

Weekly Problem Solving Workshop with Professor John Magyar

Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 p.m., location on syllabus

For practice solving the kinds of problems you’ll find on homework and exams. Work individually, in small and large groups, and with the instructor in a supportive and rigorous environment.  

Workshops on Key College Skills

TBA; past topics have included: Time & Stress Management; Effective Reading for Heavy Reading Loads; Note-taking Tips, Tricks, and Tools.

New workshops will also be adverstised on the First-Year blog.

To request a workshop on a specific topic, contact: peertopeer@barnard.edu.

Wellness Resources 

For anxiety, difficulty focusing, trouble completing tasks, just needing someone to talk to!  

Well Woman

Furman Counseling Center

Primary Care Health Service

Your Class Dean & the Dean of Studies Office