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Tutoring Service, HEOP/Opportunity Programs Office and Dean of Studies Office

Current HEOP Scholars

  • Visit the HEOP/Opportunity Programs Office, 001 Milbank Hall, to learn about the services available to you.
  • You can also check out the HEOP website for basic information.

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Tutoring Service

Mission and Philosophy of Tutoring

The mission of the Peer-to-Peer Tutoring program is to provide students with the support they need to succeed in numerous academic disciplines throughout their college career.  The philosophy of our program is to ensure that students are receiving direct academic coaching and are learning to become independent learners. Through academic advising and tutoring, it is our hope that students will develop and enhance strategic study skills, and work closely with faculty to become stronger students.

We are asking all students who are matched with a peer tutor to share the responsibility of the tutoring process, and make a commitment to independent learning.

During the Tutoring Session:

The goal of one-to-one peer tutoring is to promote the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. To that end, please do not expect the tutor to sit with you while you do your homework.

This should be completed in advance to the extent possible so that your time may be spent addressing what you don't understand. While tutors will not provide the answers to homework problems, they will provide examples that will help you understand the process of finding a solution. At the end of your tutoring session, you and your tutor will review what you have covered, clarify any remaining questions, and arrange/confirm the time of your next tutoring session.

Request a Tutor

Peer-to-Peer Learning is free. Tutors for HEOP scholars are made available through the HEOP/Opportunity Programs Office. Tutors for all other Barnard students are made available through the Dean of Studies Office.

To be matched with a tutor please make an appointment to discuss your learning needs.  You may meet either with Ms. Elida Martinez-Gaynor, Associate Director of Collegiate Programs, or with  Evelyn Leong, Junior Class Dean & Dean for Academic Assistance, using one of the following links:


If you are enrolled in General Chemistry at Barnard (NOT Columbia) kindly contact Professor Rachel Austin in the Chemistry Department for inquiries about tutoring. Her email address is:


If you have any questions, contact us at


Apply to Become a Tutor

The Barnard Dean of Studies (DOS) Office and the Opportunity Programs are seeking current Barnard students to serve as tutors in our Peer-to-Peer Learning programs. DOS and Opportunity Programs Peer Tutors are paid $15/hour, for anywhere between two and ten hours per week (depending on your availability and demand for tutors in your area), to meet individually or in small groups (no more than three students) with fellow students who have requested a tutor for support in a particular class. Tutors are also paid for approximately one hour per month of training/in-service.


Subjects where tutors are most in demand include: Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, and Foreign Language, but other subjects may also be needed depending on student requests, so you are encouraged to apply even if the subject you want to tutor does not appear on this list.



  • Successful completion of the Barnard course(s) (or equivalent) that you are applying to tutor in
  • Experience as a peer tutor preferred but not required
  • Empathy, Patience, Clarity, and Kindness
  • Commitment to academic integrity
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing in the College
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Senior, Junior, Sophomore, or second-semester First-Year status


To apply to be a Peer-to-Peer Learning Tutor:

1. Apply at BarnardWorks Job ID #7929.

2. Fill out this form.

3. Make an appointment for an interview. You may meet with either Evelyn Leong, Junior Class Dean & Dean for Academic Assistance or Elida Martinez-Gaynor, Interim Director of Academic Success and Enrichment Programs.


Questions? Email