Post-Baccalaureate Study

Barnard graduates will be assigned to one of the following deans. If you are interested in pre-health advising, refer to Dean Cohen. If you are not interested in pre-health advising, refer to Dean Youngblood Giles. 

Barnard graduates who wish to enroll as post-baccalaureate students should see the assigned dean (as posted above) no later than August 15 for fall semester courses and November 15 for spring semester courses. Women graduates of current and former Seven Sister schools should write Dean Youngblood Giles by June 1 for fall admission and by October 1 for spring admission. In the letter, non-Barnard grads should outline their goals and should include a transcript of their undergraduate record, as well as two letters of recommendation from a dean and/or instructors from their previous college. At the initial meeting with all candidates, the appropriate dean, in addition to discussing the candidate's goals and preparation, will review relevant policies and procedures, which include the following:

  • Once admitted, post-baccalaureate students (PB's) must complete a brief form that will allow the College to re-enroll them. (The assigned dean will usually give the form to the student in the initial meeting.) Since the College cannot assume that PB's, like regular degree candidates, will remain continuously enrolled, PB's must fill out this form two months before the start of every semester in which they wish to enroll. Once they have submitted the form, PB's will in most respects be treated like regular undergraduates: They will receive a bill and will be expected both to register and file their programs at the outset of the semester.
  • PB's generally have the same cross-registration privileges at Columbia that regular degree candidates have.
  • PB's will be subject to all of the academic policies that apply to regular undergraduates, e.g.: deadlines for registering, filing programs, dropping and pass/D/failing courses.
  • In general, PB's are not eligible for campus housing.
  • PB's are not eligible for Barnard financial aid, but may wish to inquire at the Financial Aid Office about the possibility of obtaining federal loans.
  • PB's, like all other Barnard students, must carry health insurance. If unable to present proof of coverage, they will be required to pay Barnard's health insurance and Health Service fees. (See "Fees.")
  • PB's receive a ten percent discount on tuition. (See "Fees.")

PB’s are also encouraged to speak with the assigned dean about any issues related to their studies at Barnard: course selection, academic policies and procedures, fees, financial aid, etc.