Honor Code


The Honor Code is a vital part of the Barnard community because it helps to shape the character of Barnard College. The “Honor System” refers to the combination of the Honor Code, the Honor Board, and the members of the entire Barnard community who together strive toward building a community of academic integrity.

History of the Honor Code

The Honor Code was approved by student vote on January 9, 1912. Today, a century later, the Code continues to shape the distinctive culture of the College. Barnard students enrolled in Columbia courses are bound by the Code, as are Columbia students enrolled in Barnard courses.

Based on the recognition that academic integrity requires active commitment by all members of the community, the Honor System has evolved from focusing primarily on the responsibility of students to a system involving shared responsibility.

The Honor Code

  • Specifies the responsibilities of each student and serves as a protector of her rights in the academic community.  This is the primary role of the Honor Code.
  • Is based on a belief in the integrity of the individual student; when the integrity of one student fails, the whole Barnard community is affected.
  • Provides an environment where academic freedom and creativity may thrive.
  • Can function optimally only if followed by students as well as faculty.

If you have questions, or would like to connect with a Co-chair of the Honor Board, please email  BarnardHonorBoard@gmail.com.