Higher Education Opportunity Program

What is The Arthur O. Eve HEOP Scholars Program (HEOP)?

The Higher Education Opportunity Program is a New York State funded program first enacted in 1969. Barnard College started its program in 1970 and is funded by both the New York State Education department and Barnard College.

Barnard and The Arthur O. Eve HEOP Scholars Program give bright and motivated students who are economically disadvantaged access to higher education. Once a student is admitted to Barnard as an Arthur O. Eve HEOP Scholar, the program provides academic support services to ensure her success in college.

Meet the Staff

Elida Martinez-Gaynor
Associate Director, Collegiate Programs 

Kevin V. Collymore
Academic Counselor, Collegiate Programs

Gianni Lopez
Administrative Assistant, Collegiate Programs

  • Provides all Administrative Support to Collegiate Programs students and staff
  • Contact person for questions regarding general HEOP admissions; CSTEP admissions
  • Contact: glopez@barnard.ed