Emerging Leaders Program (ELP)

What is the Emerging Leaders Program?

The Emerging Leaders Program is a year-long selective and competitive first-year leadership program which focuses on leadership from a interpersonal and co-curricular point of view, as it pertains to women in particular. This  program assists first-year students in developing key leadership skills through weekly workshops and seminars that place them in from of successful women from a broad variety of fields and experiences.  ELP strives to provide key resources to incoming Barnard students.  Barnard is a community of strong leadership and through this program we hope to    provide incoming students the necessary tools to become effective leaders.

Who should apply?

Do you want to be at the forefront of leadership on Barnard's campus? Are you interested in learning about leadership concepts, acquiring new skills, and participating in leadership-themed excursions around New York City? If so, the Emerging Leaders Program is for you!
This program is designed to introduce incoming first-years to both practical and theoretical elements of leadership--from how to plan an event on campus to exploring various leadership styles. Participants in the program will come from a variety of backgrounds and bring with them a range of leadership experiences. But no previous  leadership experience is necessary- everyone has leadership potential and we encourage all prospective leaders to apply.

Program Components

  1. Attend a weekly 2-hour seminar session on Fridays from 12:30-2:30pm. The sessions will be coordinated by a staff member of Student Life.
  2. Attend The Leadership Institute (see below)
  3. Work collaboratively with a group of Emerging Leaders to complete minor group project during fall semester to prepare for larger culminating Fall Spring Project. 
  4. Meet and have discussions with leadership speakers such as student leaders, alumnae, and administrators. 
  5. Participate in leadership excursions throughout New York City.
  6. Participate in weekly Leadership Discussion on local and national news.
  7. Learn and develop your strengths and leadership styles through both strengths assessment and seminar sessions.
  • Participants should expect to commit  2-3 hours a week to the program.
  • The Leadership Institute is a five day program during the inter-session in January which seeks to display leadership in NYC in a number of public sectors. They include government, education, health care, the judicial system, and community service. Its goal is to expose the ELP students to aspects of NYC public policy that they would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience. Applicants MUST attend all days, and thus should make arrangements to return to campus ONE WEEK early, prior to the Spring 2013 semester. Participation in the ELP is contingent on being able to attend the entire Leadership Institute.

Photos from ELP events.

Straight From Millie's Plate event