Academic Culture Shock

Monday, March 19
5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Judith Shapiro Dining Room (2nd Floor Diana, Behind Elevators)

 “Are you ready for an Academic Culture Shock?”


Monday, March 19,  5:30—7 pm

What’s a tutorial?
My grade rests on ONE exam?
68% is good?
I have to do primary research?
No homework?
There’s a whole month for exams?
Class once a week?
I have to read how many books?


The Office of International Programs will be hosting a discussion with Study Abroad alumnae and Professor Brian O'Keefe on the differences in academic style when studying abroad.

How was your academic experience?  How did you manage it and what would you recommend to others? If any of this sounds familiar, come share your advice and stories with students preparing to go abroad!

Come get the answers to all the questions you haven’t thought of yet from people who have been there!