Dancing the Rite of Spring at 100

Five Dancers on Four Rites
Monday, April 1, 2013
7 PM
Julius S. Held Lecture Hall, 304 Barnard Hall

The Rite of Spring has stirred controversy ever since the composer Igor Stravinsky and the choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky brought it to the stage 100 years ago in Paris. This spring, to mark the centenary of the premiere, dancers who appeared in four of the work’s more than 200 versions will share their experiences of reinventing an avant-garde classic with Barnard professor of dance Lynn Garafola.  The evening will spotlight Millicent Hodson’s recreation of Nijinsky’s original for the Joffrey Ballet along with versions by the choreographers Pina Bausch, Shen Wei, and Molissa Fenley.



Apr. 1, 2013 - 7:00 PM