An Ecology of Mind Film Screening

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
7 PM & 9 PM
Diana 504

Join the Barnard Eco Reps for a free screening of Nora Bateson's award-winning documentary, An Ecology of Mind. The film portrays her father, Gregory Bateson, the celebrated anthropologist, philosopher, author, naturalist, systems theorist, and filmmaker.

Through footage from Bateson’s own films shot in the 1930s in Bali (with Margaret Mead) and New Guinea, along with photographs, filmed lectures, and interviews, Nora depicts a man who studied the interrelationships of the complex systems in which we live with a depth motivated by scientific rigor and caring integrity. Through contemporary interviews, along with his own words, Bateson’s way of thinking reveals practical approaches to the enormous challenges confronting the human race and the natural world.

A Q&A session with film director Bateson and Greenpeace co-founder Rex Weyler will take place after the 9:00pm screening.

On Wednesday, March 28, Bateson and Weyler will join an interdisciplinary panel, "A New Look at Global Ecology," to discuss how new approaches to our thinking can facilitate solutions to complex global problems.