Pirates of the Caribbean: Roberto Clemente & the Black Sporting Diaspora

A lecture by Frank Guridy
Tuesday, March 01, 2016
6 PM
Sulzberger Parlor 3rd, Floor Barnard Hall

What can the study of sport offer migration and diaspora studies? Historian Frank Guridy addresses this question by examining the career of Roberto Clemente, the legendary Afro-Puerto Rican baseball player of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Clemente’s migratory experiences illustrate the linkages between the vibrant sporting cultures of the Caribbean and the racialized political economy of professional baseball in the United States. His journeys through these circuits, and the experiences of his fellow Black and Caribbean ballplayers, exemplify the making of a Black sporting diaspora in the 20th century Americas. Frank Guridy is a historian of the African diaspora and sports at Columbia University and the author of the prize-winning Forging Diaspora: Afro-Cubans and African Americans in a World of Empire and Jim Crow



Mar. 1, 2016 - 6:30 PM