The Story Behind the Story: Mannequin and The Matter

A conversation with David Gordon and Valda Setterfield
Monday, October 8, 2012
7 PM
Event Oval, The Diana Center

Master choreographer David Gordon discusses his current work in the context of two classic earlier pieces: Mannequin (1962) and The Matter (1972). Known as a “collagist,” whose dances “can be lifted out of context and combined with new material to make a new impression” according to critic Arlene Croce, Gordon investigates the use of scores for choreography, the art of improvisation, and the influence of everyday life on his work. His partner, collaborator, and muse, Valda Setterfield, joins him to demonstrate his work and to lend her unique perspective on its creation. Wendy Perron, editor of Dance Magazine, moderates the conversation between what is, in Allen Robertson’s estimation, “the dance world’s most intriguing couple.” (The Danspace Project presents The Matter on 10/22-10/28.) 




Oct. 8, 2012 - 1:45 PM