Ubu the King

12/8 & 12/9 at 8 PM, 12/10 3 PM & 8 PM
Glicker-Milstein Theatre

“After us, the savage god,” William Butler Yeats remarked after seeing Alfred Jarry’s Ubu the King in 1896. Director Sharon Fogarty brings this European classic to the stage, though “classic” is perhaps the last word its iconoclastic playwright would have applied to it. From its famous first word—MERDRE!— through its glorious anatomy of scatology, gluttony, and homicide, Ubu the King is the instrument of total satire, imagining the grandeur of heroic aspiration as the purest grotesque. Sponsored by Barnard College Department of Theatre/ Columbia University Major in Drama and Theatre Arts.

At the Glicker-Milstein Theatre in the Diana Center.


$10/$5 with CUID

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