Catering and Alcohol

Barnard College Approved Caterers

Events requiring catering services must be supported by Aramark or another Barnard College approved caterer.  These caterers participated in a formal selection process and were chosen based upon their ability to meet the needs of the Barnard community.  They have the necessary required insurance and are familiar with the Barnard campus.

The event organizer works directly with the caterer throughout the event production process.  The event organizer is the direct contact for the caterer on the day of the event and is required to be on-site to facilitate related event logistics.  Barnard College approved caterers are required to remove trash from the premises at the end of the event and return the facility to the condition in which it was found.

The event organizer should provide the following information to Events Management a minimum of two weeks prior to the event:

  • Name of selected caterer.
  • Name of company delivering any furniture and/or linens, china, flatware, etc.
  • Arrival time of selected caterer on the event date.
  • Prep space needs and event set-up needs.

The event organizer should coordinate the delivery and pick-up dates, times, and access points of any related rentals as well as appropriate load-in/load-out locations with Events Management.

Events Management will need the first and last names of the catering staff members a minimum of 24 hours prior to the event. 

Catering payment procedures for College-sponsored events:

  • If Aramark is selected to cater a College-sponsored event, event organizers should follow Aramark’s policies and procedures for payment.
  • If a Barnard College approved caterer, other than Aramark, is selected to cater a College-sponsored event, event organizers should work directly with the caterer to receive an estimate.  A Purchase Requisition, along with the estimate, should be submitted to the Purchasing Department for processing.

Catering payment procedures for non-Barnard sponsored events:

  • If the event is not sponsored by the College the event organizer should work directly with the chosen Barnard College approved caterer on all catering needs including payment.

Other Food Service Arrangements:

For events where food (e.g. pizza, deli platters, dessert platters) will be picked up or delivered to the College for events, meetings, or other activities, the event organizer is responsible for making the necessary arrangements such as ordering and setting up the food, providing tablecloths, purchasing ice and paper goods, etc.  Please note that Sterno may not be used. 

At the end of the event, all trash must be disposed of properly (e.g. pour liquids down the drain of the designated slop sink, place trash and recyclables in appropriate receptacles) and the event space should appear as it was found.


In accordance with New York State laws and the guidelines set forth in the Barnard College Alcohol, Drug, and Smoking Policy, outlined in the Student Handbook, students are only allowed to purchase, possess, consume, and serve alcoholic beverages if they are 21 years of age or older.  Therefore, a proctor must be present at events where alcohol will be served to check IDs and to identify (e.g. stamp, bracelet) those students who are allowed to drink alcohol.

Events organized by student clubs and organizations and where under-age students are present when alcohol is being served, must be registered with Lerner Administration under the University Alcohol Policy.