Deliveries and Pick-Ups

The event organizer is reponsible for managing deliveries and pick-ups of rented equipment, furniture, and catering items.  The event organizer is the direct contact and is required to be on-site to facilitate related logistics, i.e. direct rental company to delivery location, check inventory, sign-off on order received, facilitate pick-up, etc. 

The rental company is responsible for setting up and breaking down furniture rented for an event.  The event organizer should check with the rental company about time needed for set-up and breakdown. 

Events Management will let the event organizer know when and where deliveries and pick-ups can be made via one of the following locations:

For Altschul Hall, The Diana Center, Milbank Hall:

  • 42 Claremont Avenue (between 8 AM and 10 PM)
  • Broadway & W. 119th Street gate

For Barnard Hall and Arthur Ross Courtyard:

  • 26 Claremont Avenue (between 8 AM and 10 PM)
  • Broadway & W. 117th Street gate

Please note that delivery companies may not pull trucks onto campus.  Parking along Broadway and Claremont is limited and cannot be reserved.  Companies must hand-carry items onto campus.