Occupancy Limits

Barnard College regulates occupancy limits on the number of persons who can be in a space during each event to ensure the safety of all in attendance.  Ticket sales will be restricted to the appropriate capacity limit to ensure compliance with established limits.  Occupancy capacities for specific spaces will be discussed with event organizers and resolved as part of the space reservation/event management process.

The event organizer is responsible for taking proactive actions to ensure that occupancy limits are observed throughout the course of the event.  Event organizers may have to turn guests away at the door if a room has reached capacity.  Public Safety is available to assist event organizers in situations of overcrowding.

When an event requires admission by ticket, or if there is an attendance limit, all advertising must describe these requirements.  If an event is sold out, the event organizer must make good faith effort to publicize that information to interested parties in advance.  If admissions requires an ID, copy must include the type of IDs that will be accepted stating "Valid ID card from (insert names of invited schools or organizations) required for admission to event."