Fulfillment Departments


Below is a list of Barnard departments and a description of the services they provide for on-campus events.

Facilities Services

105M Barnard Hall

The Facilities Services staff maintains the physical environment of the Barnard campus, including but not limited to classrooms, event spaces, and grounds.  Facilities staff ensures that the set-ups are made and spaces are cleaned according to the event requirements provided by Events Management.

Public Safety

104 Barnard Hall

Public Safety oversees the safety and security of the Barnard campus.

Instructional Media and Technology Services (IMATS)

3rd Floor Lehman Hall

IMATS provides audiovisual equipment and technical support for events on the Barnard campus.


Ground Floor, Elliott Hall

The Communications office oversees media relations, electronic communications (including the website), Barnard Magazine and other publications, an array of printed support materials, and the College’s marketing efforts and public events.  Contact Communications regarding publicity for your event.