Classrooms for weekend activities are reserved through Events Management. 

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for reserving classrooms for instructional purposes.  After the class schedule is set Events Management is responsible for reserving classroom space for events. 

Seminar-style classrooms provide good meeting spaces and break-out rooms for conferences.  Lecture-style classrooms provide good spaces for guest lectures and large meetings.

Classroom technology is avaliable in Barnard's classrooms for events and supported by the Instructional Media & Technology Services department.

Please note, food is not allowed in classrooms.  If an event requires catering, the event organizer should also reserve a nearby event space.

Altschul Hall classrooms

  • Seminar-style Classroom: 303
  • Lecture-style Classrooms:  202, 530, 805, 903

Lehman Auditorium, 202 Altschul Hall

The Lehman Auditorium, located on the lobby “L” level of Altschul Hall, features a large, fixed science counter in front of room and fixed, graduated seating.  Standard audiovisual equipment for this room includes an LCD projector, screen, room PC, VCR, DVD, sound system, and two wireless lavaliere microphones.  The space is ideal for film screenings and lectures. 

Lehman Auditorium Set-Up and Capacity

  • Lehman Auditorium - Lecture (227)

Barnard Hall classrooms

  • Seminar-style Classroom: 403, 404, 405, 406, 407
  • Lecture-style Classrooms: 302, 304, 409

Julius S. Held Lecture Hall

Julius S. Held Lecture Hall

The Julius S. Held (Held) Lecture Hall, located in 304 Barnard Hall, 3rd floor, features a fixed podium, fixed seating, and stage at front of room.  Standard audiovisual equipment for this room includes an LCD projector, screen, room PC, VCR, DVD, sound system, one wireless lavaliere, one handheld microphone, and a podium microphone.  This space is ideal for film screenings and lectures.

Held Lecture Hall Set-Up and Capacity

Barnard Hall Dance Studios

Dance Studios: 011 (Studio 1), A1 (Marion Streng Studio), 305, 306 B

The Dance Department is responsible for reserving the dance studios.  Please note, studios are only available for use by the Dance Department faculty, majors, and students in dance classes that require studio time for assignments.  Studios can be reserved by certain Dance Department-sponsored student groups.  For space inquiries contact Tricia Toliver at 212.854.9771.

If furniture set-up is required in one of the studios please also notify Events Management so arrangements can be made.

Diana Center classrooms

  • Seminar-style Classrooms: 308, 501, 502
  • Lecture-style Classrooms: LL103, LL104, 203, 504

Financial Fluency Classrooms 502 and 504 are scheduled for financial fluency workshops and events after the classroom schedule has been set.

Milbank Hall classrooms

  • Seminar-style Classrooms: 214, 227, 306, 318
  • Lecture-style Classrooms: 202, 207, 225, 237, 302, 307, 323, 324, 325, 327, 328, 405, 501

Krueger Lecture Hall

The Krueger Lecture Hall, located in 405 Milbank Hall, 4th floor of Milbank, features a 1918 Steinway piano.  The space is ideal for lectures and piano concerts.

Krueger Lecture Hall Set-Up and Capacity

  • Krueger Lecture Hall - Lecture (111)

Sulzberger Hall classroom

  • Seminar-style Classroom: 102