New Publications

Prof. Berkowitz's new book explores key themes in animal studies and explores their development in the Babylonian Talmud. 

Prof. Marten writes about the possible effects, or lack thereof, of NATO expansion on US relations with Russia in the 1990s.

West claims that crucial problems and solutions are missing from many regional and international framings of sustainability.

The Geschwister-Scholl-Preis recognizes one book each year that "shows intellectual independence."

Woloch's edited collection compiles Roosevelt's writing, speeches, and letters, which speak directly to the challenges we face today.

Mary Gordon ’71, the Millicent C. McIntosh Professor in English and Writing, publishes her personal short story “Ugly” in The Best American Short Stories 2017 (Oct. 3).

Snow's paper, published in Scientific Reports, gives insight into a possible cause of recent honey bee disease and death.

In August 1791, the Haitian Revolution began and ended more than ten years later with Haiti becoming the first colony in the region to win independence.