Break this Down

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In honor of Pride Month, Karla Jay ’68 reflects on the importance of identity, coming out, and the meaning of “lavender culture.”

In this “Break This Down” interview that marks the month of Ramadan (May 14–June 15), Hussein Rashid, adjunct faculty in the Department of Religion, explains the significance of the holy month, defines an Islamic “super-hero,” and shares what has surprised him the most from interviews with American Muslims.  

In this special Mother’s Day edition of “Break This Down,” Nara Milanich, professor of history, shines a light on the government’s practice of incarcerating refugee mothers and children and the experiences of the women themselves.

Professor Tovah P. Klein, director of the Barnard College Center for Toddler Development (Toddler Center) and associate professor of psychology, shares the importance of taking our children to work.