The Students

Barnard's students are a diverse and interesting group.


They hail from nearly every U.S. state and more than 45 countries, explore 50 majors and 2,000 classes, and look at the world in their own brilliant ways. Meet some of these exceptional young women and hear about their lives in New York City: what they study, what they love to do, and what they hope to find.




Taylor Thompson '20 is learning about policies and practices that will help her deconstruct inequities in the education system. 

The advice Mia Ciallella '19 gives to Barnard students: be a part of as many different groups as interest you.


Filmmaker Rachel Kastner '19 on how Barnard helps her chase her dreams.


Akshaya shares her journey from uncertain first-year student to successful STEM researcher and University arts leader with an exciting job offer on the horizon.

Nika's collection of poetry is based on her work with Syrian refugees.

Economics major Grace Shadid '16 fell in love with pole vaulting at a young age.

Rachel Herzog '15 directs the Barnard Columbia Ancient Drama Group's production of Euripides' Ion.

A swimmer whose specialty stroke is the butterfly, Trudi Patrick is a member of the Columbia Lions Women’s Swimming/Diving team.

Computer science major Jada Hawkins is the co-founder of Athena Digital Design

Writer and feminist activist Julie Zeilinger '15 is the founder and editor of and the author of two books, Little F’d Up and College 101

Ariane recently played Liesl in NBC's production of "The Sound of Music Live!" She also plays Eve in Darren Aronofsky's film Noah

Keyanna works in Barnard College's Arthur Ross Greenhouse. Her goal is to make urban spaces greener.