Feature Stories

Closing the Gender Gap: Provost Linda Bell Investigates Pay Equity

Barnard College, the country’s most selective women’s college, has admitted 1,139 young women from around the world to its Class of 2021.

Studying at Barnard means access to graduate-level research opportunities that few undergraduate liberal arts colleges provide.

Why would being really snappy as a dresser be politically dangerous?

College Divests from Fossil Fuel Companies Denying Climate Science

Barnard faculty members reflect on what inspired them to enter and excel at their career.

Anna Quindlen ’74 Looks Back on the Triumphs of the Departing President 

Programming at the Athena Film Festival focused on human rights, activism, and empowering a new generation of women leaders.

The issue of voting in America has returned to the front lines with a vengeance.

Barnard honors Black History Month by celebrating these dynamic women who also happen to be born in the month of February.